Mid-November Thoughts

Dear Friends,

I greet you on this Sunday from a mildly-chilly Atenas. Despite that, the sun is out, the birds are singing and I feel blessed to be able to live another day. In these Covid-19 times, when we might feel exhausted and confused, it is important to express gratitude for all of Nature’s gifts. If you can manage it safely (mask, social distancing) get outside and enjoy connecting with the world for a little while, allowing your body to absorb Vitamin D, essential for our immune system and bone health. All you need are 10-15 minutes!

The many months of quarantining and social distancing in our efforts to reduce the spread of this invisible virus have affected our mental health in varying degrees. We have been asked to behave in ways that feel contrary to our character. We are feeling cooped up and in a great many places collective grief is a reality that is impossible to overlook. We are pondering how to alter our holiday plans: celebrating virtually or with only the members of our own household. This is the time for us to take measures to reduce the possibility of infection. Guidelines are available for us to consult and educate ourselves.

Today marks the middle of the month of November, my favorite month of the year. In previous years, it was possible for me to look across the landscape and see the changes as the lush green turned to different shades of brown. With all the rains this season, the tall bamboo and teak trees conceal the workings across the way. I have mental pictures, though, of the sugar cane blossoms that evoke a mixture of nostalgia and optimism in me. We are expecting more heavy rains in the region this week, and although they pose a risk to parts of the country, this groundwater will also reach and replenish the aquifers we rely on at home.

46 days remain to 2020. This has been an incredibly challenging year for the entire planet. In this, my month of gratitude observance, I am thankful for each sunrise and each sunset. I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to read (and sometimes provide feedback) my weekly communications. I am indebted to the lessons that important life transitions have taught me even if they have been painful. They have provided me with a better sense of who I am and have shown me the areas where I can improve. Improvement in my “big picture thinking” is needed, as is flexibility in my weekly agenda.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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