A Different Thanksgiving Day

Dear Friends,

The singing from a local congregation nearby interrupts the stillness of this quiet Sunday morning. Current conditions have generated changes in our social interactions and I must admit that hearing this singing after so many months without it has been largely positive and comforting. For our physical and mental health, we have adopted new ways of greeting one another while still maintaining a connection. The singing made me smile, and for a few moments I was as happy as a child is when playing in sunshine with no worries. I breathed deeply and enjoyed the harmony.

I am always on the lookout for different approaches that boost optimism and confidence. Despite all the restrictions and instability, time is passing and quickly. The physical changes in my landscape, and even in pandemic times, the increase in tourists at the local supermarket confirm that Nature is working and that the dry season is approaching. The dry season heralds the annual holiday celebrations, beginning this week with Thanksgiving. You all know how I feel about Thanksgiving, my favorite of all holidays.

Thanksgiving is traditionally about gathering family and friends to revel in being able to spend time together. It has been one day in the year that I enjoy the scent of onions, celery and garlic sautéing in butter more fully. The aroma alone evokes the sweet memories of our children helping with the preparations and the unplanned important lessons that were imparted, as much about cooking as about the significance of embracing traditions. I felt euphoric (if tired) at the end of each Thanksgiving, year after year.

This year will be different for people who hoped to travel long distances to join their loved ones. For many it will be mournful if they have lost a loved one this year. The advise from the health experts is to stay home as a way to protect ourselves and minimize the spread. I think there are a few basic ingredients for living a good life. We have all been asked to go in a new direction lately. I am grateful that in this new direction, we are given permission to slow down, spend time at home, embracing what we have often taken for granted. Thank you again for being a part of my life.

Have a wonderful day and a safe, terrific week, Marietta

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