Celebrating Small, Good Things

Dear Friends,

Before me lies a lovely landscape. The bright sunlight warms the terrace tiles. I witness the birds flying through the air to capture the insects that serve as their breakfast! I gaze at the hillside, still green from the recent rains that are also replenishing the water table to guarantee the precious liquid through the upcoming dry season. A light breeze brushes past me, reminding me that the holiday season is truly around the corner. Let’s breathe, stretch and be thankful for another day in which to give our best.

The pull of family, friends and large gatherings is strong during the time of the year. We are coming to the end of a year that has not allowed us to reconnect with one another in the ways we might have taken for granted. Judging by the recent behavior in my own circle, I can confirm that people are suffering from a restlessness that is affecting our mental health in very significant ways. It is more important than ever right now that we focus on eating healthily, staying hydrated and partaking in some form of exercise. Simple, scheduled daily routines are marvelous ways to combat stress.

I am amazed at the many virtual sites that entertain, inform and instruct us.Videoconferencing has become a normal part of our daily lives. New ways of communicating, personally and professionally, are inviting us to address common goals that can be attained using this new modality. Spending less time stuck in traffic is giving people extra time. This time is increasingly being spent on neglected hobbies, rekindling old connections and reflecting on what is really important to us going forward. These are the silver linings of an otherwise very difficult time. It’s one of my goals to keep these gains from disappearing once things are under control.

This past Thanksgiving was celebrated differently. Unwilling to risk the possibility of infection by traveling, we touched base with our loved ones by phone and then my husband and I had a quiet dinner at a local restaurant. We did not eat turkey with the trimmings, we ate typical Costa Rican food. Our dog announced our return with a greeting that revealed our outing had felt like days for her instead of just hours. I reciprocated her welcome. I walked into the kitchen to refill her water bowl. There were no dirty dishes or pots to wash! Appreciating good, little things has become my new goal. No kitchen clean-up on Thanksgiving was a very good thing!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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