A Health-Enhancing Practice

Dear Friends,

It’s a lovely December morning that greets me today. The slight chill in the air, a hallmark of the change in seasons, reminds me to let my eyes extend their observation to take in the orange, red, purple and yellow shades in the horizon. The days seem longer, the sunsets amaze me and I feel restored by the powers of Nature. Take a deep breath, look around you and appreciate all the mesmerizing elements that the end of the year brings, even as difficult as this 2020 has been.

The week that ended was an unusually busy one for me. I had many in-person appointments that required spending extra time at each place due to the necessary safety protocols. Since I am compliant by nature, I accept being directed to wash my hands, distance and wear a mask while conducting my business. I was pleased to see that in most places I had to visit, everyone respected the guidelines, making the already stress-filled process of dealing with bureaucracy easier to navigate.

One of the places I had an appointment at was our local municipality. I used to be a regular visitor there when I was more engaged with events in the community. I saw many of my former contacts focused on their tasks and noted with acceptance that because they did not expect to see me most, in fact, did not see me. I confess that I had a mixture of feelings but mostly I was relieved that I no longer have the responsibilities I once did. Life is different now and we have all moved on successfully.

The headlines in the media these days are filled with negativity, violence and heartbreaking realities. I choose to turn off the news most days and see what I can do in my circle of influence. I don’t think I am unique in that. In conversations with friends, we agree that neutral and positive news are not what keep ratings up so those stories have to be purposely looked for. I have become more expert in finding uplifting and inspiring people and narratives and I encourage all of us to take up this health-enhancing practice.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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