A New Way to Celebrate

Dear Friends,

The December breezes are calm right now as I step into a morning that is sunny and holds the promise of a good day ahead. The astonishing beauty of the rural landscape infuses my soul with optimism and energy, gifts that allow me to feel deep gratitude for everything in my life, even the restrictions I follow without resentment during these pandemic times.Breathe deeply as you take a look around you and focus on the some of the positive events of the year as we begin the countdown to 2021.

The last 9 months have seen the entire world shifting. We can no longer take anything for granted and have learned that everything is connected. As we continue to navigate the new normals, we are being invited to act, to participate in our communities in ways that we might not have done before. While we await our governments’ often slow reaction to local needs, many grass-roots efforts are quietly modeling the kind of moral humaneness we are all capable of reaching into and sharing for good.

Although the renovation of the Central Park of Atenas is not totally finished, the Municipal employees have done their best to decorate and illuminate the park, displaying some needed holiday cheer after a long rainy season and difficult economic times. The lights play an important part in the yearly festivities and I am always enchanted by the creative genius that spurs our neighbors to devote hours of planning their charts to create beautiful exterior displays for the holidays. Their imagination grows year after year, impressing all with dramatic statements of joy.

The coming weeks will test our resolve in continuing to keep our guard up while participating remotely in the activities that center around this season. The holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa) this year are providing the opportunity to observe old traditions in new ways or create new traditions that include social distancing and quarantine guidelines. I recommend that we relish a joyful memory from celebrations in the past so we can look forward to them again, this time with more appreciation.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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