Annual Traditions

Dear Friends,

The morning that greets me is cool and breezy. From where I sit, I can see a variety of trees, their branches swaying to the rhythm of the music that is coming from the nearby church. From what I can hear, the service is live.The pastor’s message is confidently directing the congregation to celebrate the joy of the season. I breathe and observe the cloud formation gradually change as it moves slowly across the clear, blue sky. Nature at its best.

After many months of quiet days, I have mixed feelings about the return of the sounds of the world before Covid-19 restrictions. Airplanes with much-needed and welcome visitors buzz overhead and sports bikes with their high-revving engines invade the tranquility of our rural roads. In a different setting these powerful creations can make sense but in our small town, they can become a quality of life issue, especially on weekends. My modest noise-cancelling earphones are no match for their racket!

On my Saturday errands I noticed several new places to eat and quite a few changes since last week. The Post Office was open because the volume of correspondence and packages was overwhelming. Letter writing has become meaningful during this period of isolation. I am a lover of the written word, and I have always felt that letters are undervalued but important. They help us connect and express our deepest feelings and concerns. They have grown into important tools to address elected officials during these difficult times.

We are nearing year’s end and all the celebrations that come with it. Our patience will be tried as we find ourselves trying to shop, wrap and observe our traditions while still practicing social distancing, wearing masks and staying in our “bubbles”. We are fortunate to have advanced technology that allow us to “see” our loved ones and create new traditions. This unique time can help us remember that the purpose of the season is not about gifts and parties but rather about the internal process each of us can evoke so we can create a common bond of peace, hope and community wherever we live.

Whatever tradition you observe, I send my very best wishes for joy, peace and optimism, Marietta

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