Health and Community in 2021

Dear Friends,

I send you all my warmest regards on this first Sunday of 2021! As I look at the horizon I am filled with a tremendous sense of peace and calm, grateful for all the blessings in my life and looking forward to a year in which I can continue to maintain and improve my health. Gone are the crazy resolutions as I choose simpler and fewer undertakings. I welcome this day and trust that it will unfold in a meaningful way for all of us. Be present and aware of the goodness that surrounds you.

We closed the week with small celebrations that focused on a modest listing of things accomplished in 2020, a year like no other in the lives of most of the world. 2020 reminded us of many things we have taken for granted. The biggest one for me was the reality that life is fragile. While the length of the chain of days that link and stretch is not under our control, there are many factors that we can manage to improve our chance to have rewarding days. We can organize our priorities, doing what we can to contribute amid the isolation and illness that continues.

Well-being took on new meanings in 2020. We learned different ways to cope with restrictions while remaining connected to our community. Our awareness of the need to build more just communities can no longer be ignored. We have discovered that to move forward to a better future requires defining what it is we are seeking. My dominant life goal has been to serve in areas where I feel I can make a real contribution. I have curtailed my involvement in activities that no longer fit me, in so doing I have been able to devote time to seek those that bolster social equality.

The seasonal morning breezes have temporarily stopped. I gaze and see the beginnings of the yellow months that I have come to appreciate in the last few years. The Cortez amarillo will soon provide exhilarating views around town. My current fondness of yellow stems from my daughter’s suggestion years ago that I begin to see diversity in colors the way artists do rather than rejecting or ignoring possibilities. Her advice cut across colors and encouraged me to reverse some of my long-standing ideas on a variety of things. It turned into an interesting and educational challenge.

My best wishes for continued health and community in 2021, Marietta

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