We Will Celebrate in Person Again

As I begin writing these words today, I am aware that this quiet Sunday is
already the third Sunday of 2021. The time just flies by. Even the present
restrictions keeping us close to home cannot stop the calendar from moving.
I contemplate the landscape showing off its seasonal beauty. The mourning
doves are silent, a lone rooster crows repeatedly letting us all know he is on
duty! I stretch, breathe and resolve to bring gratitude and optimism to the
indoor activities I have planned for the day.

I took some time last week to sort and file away some accumulated paper
piles, a time consuming but important task. I noticed that my journal entries
for 2020 were almost non-existent. Generally speaking, I use my journals
to track progress in projects, to categorize my daily experiences or just as a
general way to record my activities and give form to my days. It was quite
a year to be on the planet. We look back with more questions than answers.
We need to focus on creating a path that welcomes reaction-free constructive
conversations about complex global issues. We are in this together.

Costa Rica has opened up for tourists. I read recently that the downtime has
allowed the “healing” of some popular places that suffered from the trampling
of increasing numbers of visitors in the past decade. Our incredible wilderness,
highly diverse and protected, is one major reason for our success in the industry.
The pause in 2020 gave principals in the industry the chance to renovate their
properties, update their standards and procedures around hygiene and focus on
trends that will encourage travel to their destinations. The energy is positive.

There is tremendous momentum right now for all of us to stay resilient and
trust one another. After a rollercoaster year, we need to harness our strengths,
accept our weaknesses and correct them, and stay persistent so we can begin
to reverse some of the damage caused by the pandemic. We need to honor and
respect one another, showing compassion and creating opportunities to bond.
Relationships matter. Connection to others is essential to our well-being. Let’s
do everything we can to ensure that we will celebrate in person together again.

Have a wonderful day and a terrific week, Marietta

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