We Will Get Through This Together







Dear Friends,

It is a bonus to wake up this morning to the sun painting the sky with
cumulus clouds. As the warm breeze brushes past my arms, I can hear
the croak of a solitary toucan in a tree along with chatter of the yellow
belly flycatchers in the area. I am grateful for another day in good
health. I am feeling the collective optimism as tourism begins anew in
our small town. It is a good day to take a walk in nature, following all
recommended guidelines to ensure our safety. Breathe in the goodness.

Every Sunday I take a few minutes to loosely plan my agenda for the
coming week. Time goes by so quickly, as we all know. In the past few
years, I have managed to curtail many of the time-consuming projects
I was committed to so that I could spend more time doing the things
that had been neglected for years and were more closely aligned with
my personal goals. One of those goals was to devote more time to my
garden. I have not been entirely consistent in this endeavor but I have
done reasonably well with my house plants, mostly African Violets.

Friday and yesterday, I spent several hours repotting some of the plants
that had outgrown their containers. It takes a certain kind of resolve to
begin this task and I have been avoiding it for many months for fear of
hurting my plants. I could see their struggle, evident in the dying leaves
and drooping flowers. I prepared myself mentally, gathered all my tools
and began to work. The job took longer than I anticipated. I had to cut
and sacrifice many leaves but I know this maintenance is vital for them.

The repotting session was extremely beneficial for me. In those hours,
I was completely focused on what I was doing. I had no choice but to
finish what I started because these living organisms required my whole
attention. I found myself forced to make a decision about which plants
had any chance of survival and the ones that had become too defective.
I found that I needed to separate several plants which required dividing
their crowns with a knife. This part intimidated me, it was so easy to
make a mistake. Patience is now required to see if surgery succeeded.

Working with plants in that manner allowed me to muse about life. As
I inspected and discarded or kept the parts that looked healthy enough
to survive, I thought about the events of the past few weeks. The virus
continues to overwhelm most of the world and many of us are deflated.
Now is the time for us to invest some time in doing things to improve
our mental outlook. We are in this together. We will come out on the
other side. We need to trust one another and work in real partnership.
I know we can do it.

Have a great day and a wonderful week, Marietta

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