A Shout Out to Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic!

It’s a beautiful, if windy, morning that greets me today. I ventured to the terrace and stood on a different spot than I normally do. I was afforded another view, a perspective that allowed me to see bright green areas across the way. A small flock of birds glided with precision in harmony and landed on a tree nearby. I marvel at their synchronicity. Nature’s beauty and gifts never fail to inspire me. I catch my breath, enjoy the warmth of the sun and feel calm and peaceful.

The month ends today. It seems plausible to anticipate a slow return to normal activities. The long pause has allowed me to spend more time indeep reflection about the situations confronting us. I have more clarity about my life priorities at this stage. I have been more exact in defining what sort of personal world I want to occupy. My world ranks kindness, compassion and empathy as the top moral guiding principles. I can only govern myself and I commit to paying attention and correcting myself.

I am affected by the stories I come across focusing on the unsung heroes of the pandemic. I know the importance of doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care workers cannot be minimized but I especially salute the people whose job it is to deep clean the rooms and other areas that the deadly virus has touched. They are sometimes called on to do more than just clean. They might be the only other person a patient sees during their stay, an opportunity to exchange a pleasantry, a welcome change from being in total isolation.

We are all different, yet we are the same in our need to co-exist in peace. I have been a lifetime “self-motivator” who works hard to not lose focus or the ability to remain optimistic despite all the challenges I have faced. In my stroll around town yesterday, I noticed families in the park that has recently reopened to the community. Most people were wearing masks and seem to be accepting that this new reality will be with us for a while yet. It is nice to witness confidence and a positive attitude, both these traits get passed on to the next generations organically, benefitting us all.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great new week, Marietta

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