Freeing Some Time

Dear Friends, Strong breezes challenge my efforts to keep counters and surfaces free of dust this morning. I rush to secure the loose notes containing the outline for today's message, grateful for a change for the many peculiar items on the table that right now can serve as paperweights. Complementing the winds, the sun is … Continue reading Freeing Some Time

Walking In My Shoes

Dear Friends, It is a breezy, sunny renewal Sunday. The winds howl through a small opening in the window. I observe the swaying of the tall bamboo in the distance. My thoughts are with all the people worldwide who are suffering extreme weather conditions. I am grateful that I can make a modest financial contribution … Continue reading Walking In My Shoes

An Unexpected and Majestic View

Dear Friends, Greetings from Atenas. It is a breezy, sunny Sunday. In the distance, I canhear the songs and calls of birds. Some are longer and more complex whileothers are short, repetitive and remind me that Nature can be immenselygenerous no matter where we find ourselves. There is always something toappreciate and enjoy. Every day … Continue reading An Unexpected and Majestic View