An Unexpected and Majestic View

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Atenas. It is a breezy, sunny Sunday. In the distance, I can
hear the songs and calls of birds. Some are longer and more complex while
others are short, repetitive and remind me that Nature can be immensely
generous no matter where we find ourselves. There is always something to
appreciate and enjoy. Every day is a gift and an opportunity to practice
mindfulness, kindness and humility. Breathe in and enjoy your activities.

You all know how fond I am of the “green” season with its verdant lush
landscape. It is a welcome treat year after year, something perhaps taken
for granted and often overlooked in my daily activities. Since the pandemic
restrictions of 2020, I have not travelled to San Jose very often. I did do so
last week and found myself in a heavy traffic jam for a short part of the ride.
At one smart traffic light, the display indicated 90 seconds remaining before
the light would turn green. One can do a lot of observing during 90 seconds!

I took note of the cars on the road. Most were modern, clean and well-kept.
The occupants were complying with mask-wearing mandates but were less
obedient about cell-phone distractions. At one point, a motorcyclist appeared
on the passenger side of my car, forcing me to look in his direction. I was
immediately arrested by the breathtaking view of dozens of flowering poró
trees in the hills of Alajuelita. The image is so firmly planted in my mind that
as I write this, I am filled with appreciation for those vibrant blooms that are
only seen in the “dry” season.

When the traffic got going again, I was forced to pay attention to fellow
drivers but I could still catch a glimpse of the trees now and then despite the
unsightly cables partially obstructing the view. I found myself thankful for
the traffic because it allowed me to stay in the moment and experience the
simple pleasure of an unexpected spontaneous opportunity. I felt rested and
serene when I arrived at my destination, ready to tackle any challenge for the
rest of the day. To my great satisfaction, there were no big difficulties that day!

Have a wonderful day and a terrific new week, Marietta

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