Celebrating Love and Friendship







Dear Friends,

It is a quiet Sunday morning on the day in which we celebrate love
and friendship worldwide. As I look around I appreciate the fact that
the winds are absent in this moment allowing me to rest from what is
a constant encounter with dust on every surface. I breathe in as I look
for the large turkey vultures whose effortless, skillful flight brings me
such joy. While I envy their ability to travel so many miles in a day, I
am equally content to let their display entertain me for a minute or two.

Friendship is recognized as an important asset in a person’s life. Strong
connections support us in good and bad times during our span on earth.
Being able to share with our loved ones keeps us grounded and helps to
ward off loneliness and woe. We are definitely in need of relationships
as we continue to navigate the presence of a pandemic some experts are
saying will become a permanent part of our future. Familial bonds have
become more important than ever.

The last few weeks have been busier than before as I motivate myself to
devote time to some tedious but necessary tasks around the house. I am
discovering items that are still in very good condition but no longer in
demand at our home. Fortunately there are places (such as Fundación
Animales de Atenas) where I can drop off these items so that they can
be sold for modest sums, helping me declutter and raising funds for a
good cause. Everyone benefits with these groups in our communities.

Last week a friend and I had an errand to run in Grecia. We followed all
recommended protocols, arrived at our destination in good time and had
to wait outside for admittance at the appointed hour. I was impressed by
the personnel who kept us moving in the right direction subtly guiding
our path from station to station. I enjoy venturing to Grecia because it
presents a uniquely contrasting county just 30 minutes from my home.
Returning to Atenas is always a delight, especially when my eyes feast
upon layers of gorgeous, colorful mountain landscapes on the journey.

Have a wonderful day of love and friendship, Marietta

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