Walking In My Shoes

Dear Friends,

It is a breezy, sunny renewal Sunday. The winds howl through a small opening
in the window. I observe the swaying of the tall bamboo in the distance. My
thoughts are with all the people worldwide who are suffering extreme weather
conditions. I am grateful that I can make a modest financial contribution to one
of the many legitimate groups that are able to physically help those in need. I
breathe in all the goodness that Nature provides in my part of the world, aware
of how fortunate I am in every area of my life. I take nothing for granted today.

Prior to sitting to compose my message this morning, I spent about 30 minutes
checking the progress on the plants I transplanted about a month ago. I scanned
each one carefully. I noticed some disturbing developments that require prompt
attention and decided to address the issue immediately rather than procrastinate.
I was happy that I recently purchased dirt, fertilizer and more pots and that my
“station” is equipped with gloves, scissors and even a bottle of water. I looked
at the clock and was relieved to see it was still quite early. The breeze was not
too strong and the air was refreshing. I began to work steadily with purpose.

I find myself very focused when I am tending my plants. While my hands were
busy with dirt and roots, I remembered all the things I accomplished yesterday.
I had a great day on Saturday, every errand I ran was met with success. I got to
the veterinarian just before their lunch break. I found a perfect scratching post
for our daughter’s cat. I finally remembered to drop off a favorite pair of shoes
to see if they could be repaired. I was elated when the shoe cobbler said some
new soles would keep me from having to replace them for a while. He also
promised to make them shine like new with polish and some elbow grease!

I am not concerned if the shoes don’t shine like new! Those shoes and I have
walked many miles. They have formed themselves to my foot and are sturdy
yet comfortable. I originally bought them in New York and they have gone
back and forth with me many times. They have covered the streets of Atenas,
New York, and Nicaragua. The scuffs, wrinkles and scars on their surface tell
many stories. They have character and have embraced my many adventures.
I am sure if anyone tried to walk in my shoes they would be uncomfortable,
but for me they are a perfect fit. I will be happy when we are together again!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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