Never Numb and Oblivious to Nature!







Dear Friends,

The sun came up early for me this morning! By the time you are reading, I
am hopefully easily strolling the paved walkway to the viewing area of the
crater of the Poas Volcano that I am visiting today. It is almost one year ago
that serious quarantine measures were put in place in Costa Rica. We have
since then been praised for our constant awareness about masks, social dis-
tancing and frequent hand washing. Although we had some months of high
numbers and too many deaths, we seem to be on solid ground as we begin
to get back to our new normal.

Our new normal, as I see it going forward, will include being vigilant about
hygiene and more disciplined about scheduled appointment times. I believe
those are positive outcomes, as is the focus we have begun to place on what
we used to think were necessary activities (working all hours, for example)
to discover that having more time with our children or wearing sandals all
day are more fulfilling. It has been a hard year, but also one that allowed us
the opportunity to re-evaluate priorities. Many of you have shared with me
your own discoveries in the last few months.

Yesterday I went out on my weekly Saturday errands. I have not been able
to get my shoes back because the cobbler was not satisfied with the soles he
was sent and told me he needed to go personally into Alajuela to inspect the
inventory his supplier had. I am cautiously optimistic, enjoying the special
attention being paid to my shoes. Hopefully I can give you an update in the
very near future. While my shoe errand wasn’t successful, I spied some new
businesses that will begin operating soon, especially in the area around the
Central Marketplace. I am eager for some new retail therapy!

Although masks and hand washing are still enforced in all the places I visited,
I thoroughly enjoyed making eye contact with familiar faces I had not seen in
a while. Seeing children and families enjoying an outing in the fully re-opened
park filled me with enthusiasm for there are still many weeks of summer left.
I encourage you to begin to plan outdoor adventures with your limited social
circle so we can boost our local economies and enjoy our ability to move and
breathe in all the goodness that Nature never stops providing. Let’s not become
numb and oblivious to it, ever.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you here next Sunday, Marietta

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