A Mini Vacation!

Dear Friends,

There is a strong warm wind passing through the terrace right now that moves
the bamboo in the distance. The sky is bird-less at present though I can hear the
tireless singing coming from some hidden branches. I am delighted and grateful
to discern these sounds. I am aware that my surroundings are exceptional and I
bask in welcoming a new day of rest and rejuvenation. The loosening of most
restrictions allows us to move more freely and we can venture out a bit. Breathe,
stretch and let your mind focus on having a good day, beginning a good week.

Five years ago at around this time, I was returning from a week in Cuba. It had
been an unforgettable journey to a different world full of passionate, cultured,
generous and optimistic people. There were many attractions, music and events
that allowed me to experience an authentic slice of Cuban life. It broadened my
perspective on one’s ability to live a rich and full life despite conditions that are
not thought to be ideal from another viewpoint. I came back to my own life with
renewed determination to celebrate my daily existence more completely.

Last week, my husband and I enjoyed a mini-vacation at El Silencio Lodge &
Spa in Sarchi Norte. Although we had planned this trip for last year, many issues
arose that prevented us from getting there until now. I can only describe the trip
in superlatives. We had high expectations based on other people’s descriptions
and experiences. I can confirm that the staff and natural setting exceeded them.
It was wonderful to be secluded in a tranquil spot, knowing that home was just
an hour away and that we had left a capable caretaker in our daughter in charge.

There is no better way to examine a life than by having guests or getting away
from home. Having guests allowed me to revisit the very reasons why moving
here was a good decision for me. Although I encourage everyone to live in the
present, in the busy-ness of my days, I often forget to gaze at the beauty of the
quickly-fading sunset, or the colors of the blooming trees. Getting away from
the grandeur of my surroundings let me behold a different but equally superb
offering. I am the beneficiary of a personal happiness that has taken me by
surprise and for which I am deeply thankful. May it be likewise for all of you.

El Silencio Lodge and Spa
El Silencio Lodge and Spa
Cortez Amarillo in Grecia CR
Sunset in Atenas March 2021

photos my own

2 thoughts on “A Mini Vacation!

  1. Marietta, I’m so glad you got to experience the ambiance of El Silencio Lodge and their superior service! It is one of my favorite places to “just be.” Both times I found new birds for me there and their 3 onsite waterfalls are absolutely beautiful which I hope you were able to hike to. And of course I was thrilled that you found some of my photo books in their lobby! I leave some in most of the lodges I visit now, hoping the photos will inspire people explore beyond their room or regular activities. My exploring will continue this year but may have to diminish with this new cancer as we see what happens. But in nature we experience the full joy of life! Keep it up!

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