Fundraising Campaign

Dear Friends,

The breeze brushes past me as I stand on the terrace. While my eyes survey the breathtaking landscape, my ears become aware of an ambulance siren’s sound changing as it hastens to its destination. Instead of trying to come up with reasons the ambulance might be speeding by, I breathe deeply. I send some positive energy and hope that the medics are compassionate and competent.I summon some discipline to return to the present moment so I can begin to compose today’s message.

A hot, windy March week has concluded. Several minor earthquakes were reported in Costa Rica and strong, scattered showers were also experienced in different parts of the country. The predictable weather patterns of the past have changed in recent years encouraging me to become more aware of our responsibility to take care of the environment for future generations. Earth Day, celebrated in April worldwide, provides a good opportunity to celebrate and appreciate our collective home. 

The past several Saturdays have been devoted to fundraising campaigns on behalf of the local Hogar de Ancianos. The Board of Directors of the Hogar is immensely grateful to the Municipality of Atenas for this initiative. District community volunteers, members of the Municipal Council, local talented musicians and other generous participants have contributed their time to the effort to raise money to cover the day to day operating costs that have been depleted during the 2020 pandemic restrictive regulations.

Yesterday, it was my turn to lend a hand and I was happy to do so, especially since the end of my term as a board member is in June. The most rewarding aspect of serving on this board has been the opportunity to meet and witness the kind, loving and tireless people who work every day with this aging group.The daily goal is to provide an environment filled with seemingly small things like smiles, which are actually big things in the life of the residents who have not been able to enjoy the pre-Covid-19 activities in more than a year. 

Have a lovely Sunday and a quiet, reflective week, Marietta

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