A Sunday of Celebrations

Dear Friends,

It is a relatively quiet morning today as the familiar neighborhood sounds are muted by the music coming from the radio in my kitchen. The day is unfolding with ease. My eyes are focused on the beauty of the landscape before me. I breathe in gratitude and let the sun warm my shoulders as I meditate on the subject of today’s message. Take a moment to appreciate the people and the things that surround you as you live this day. 

Today is Easter. Today is also the end of Passover. These two important holidays overlapping and brushing hands with the arrival of Spring and the transition from the dry to the green season in Costa Rica fill me with energy and enthusiasm for the second trimester of 2021 and beyond. As the world and Costa Rica, continue to develop and refine Covid-19 protocols, it is likely that we will begin anew to welcome students who want to live and study for a semester in our uniquely green environment with host families.

Some years ago I was very involved with the local high school students that needed to do community service before they could graduate. The projects that were assigned for this service meant they (and I) sacrificed weekend sleep in  order to clean up streams, paint benches in the park, dig holes and plant native species of trees in different areas of the county. Other times the tasks were easier:  distributing leaflets or handing out refreshments at sports events.

In the years subsequent to my involvement with these students, I have sometimes run into them, now adults and leading successful lives. I feel happy when they connect me to a positive time in their youth. They often remember aspects of the experience that I was not even aware of. Last week, when the cortez amarillo flowers were in full bloom providing an inviting pathway along Route 3, I recalled the school children and adults who participated in that project. It was an incredibly heartwarming memory and next year, I will be sure to take a picture!

Have a wonderful Easter and Passover and a terrific week, Marietta

picture my own

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