A Gift Every Year

Dear Friends,

It’s sunny and hot this morning, but it’s still beautiful and I make no apologies for feeling grateful and cheery to have chosen the place to live in that makes me happy. Although the Sunday get-togethers are not yet in full swing, I feel confident that with vaccines in our near future and the continued observance of the protocols we have learned in 2020, we will soon enjoy time together with our families and friends.

This past week was an unusual one as far as the weather in Costa Rica is concerned. Strong rains, accompanied by scary, harsh lightening kept us on alert as we went about our daily routines. I found myself greeting a wide variety of tiny bugs in my home that appeared after their own homes in our front and backyards were flooded and destroyed. My feelings about them ranged from frustration because they were everywhere indoors to acceptance of their need to find shelter from the storm, the same as I was!

Fostering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere has always been important to me. The small-town charm that I encountered in Atenas almost 30 years ago is as present today as ever and I find myself in awe on an almost daily basis when I encounter evidence of the resilience of the farmer who keeps on working his land despite the disappointing crop last season. My modest success propagating succulents and African violets does not compare, but I find myself as elated with an emerging bud as he must feel with his corn.

Our local authorities have been working for a while on revitalizing our “downtown”. I have been making a conscious effort to pay attention to the changes by walking as much as I can. More businesses are returning and I have seen new openings (or the promise of new openings) colorfully spill into the streets as goods are trucked in and friendly greetings are traded.The rainy season has arrived, the grass is turning green and community contentment is on full display. It is a gift I can count on every year.

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous week, Marietta

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