We Are All Connected!

Dear Friends,

I took an earlier than usual morning walk today. The neighborhood was uncharacteristically quiet. I was wearing sandals. The magical dew on the grass energized my steps and I reached my destination quickly. I noticed some debris on the porch and looked around for the broom I knew I had stored nearby. I realized I was facing a vibrant copperleaf acalypha I had forgotten still existed on our property. The plant is fast growing but it is so popular with the leaf-cutting ants, this is the only survivor I can see.

I stood in front of this healthy specimen, its leaves evidencing the small twinkling drops of dew that were providing nourishment. I reached for a leaf, carefully brushing my fingers across the moisture. It felt so good to be alive in that moment, I sensed the powerful magnetism of the earth and savored the refreshing change in the seasonal plants that are making their appearance. In the distance I saw a solitary turkey vulture looking for the area it might purify as it feeds itself.

We are going back to some Covid restrictions in Atenas as the pandemic continues to challenge us and our worn-out nerves. Recharging collective batteries is required so that we can begin to entertain the idea of gathering with family and friends in the last part of this year. Communities worldwide continue to research and share findings that seem to produce more questions and anxiety. It does appear to me that practicing the continued wearing of masks, distancing and frequent hand washing are good habits.

Prince Philip’s passing at 99 on April 9th had worldwide impact. Headlines and people everywhere shared their stories. People who worked at the ECAG (now UTN) in Atenas recalled his visit in 1975 when he set the cornerstone in the construction of an institution that would go on to become important to the development of the isthmus. He returned in 1988 for its inauguration. When I looked at pictures of both events, I recognized folks I have gotten to know in Atenas. It is another reminder of how we are all connected whether we are aware of it in the moment or not.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

picture my own

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