Nature’s Force

Dear Friends,

The day begins quietly with the sun shining brightly. I breathe deeply and immediately perceive the intense aroma of the jasmine and plumeria flowers that creates a comforting atmosphere as I make my way onto the terrace. My eyes gaze at the tiny, beautiful white blossoms that have fallen and carpet the grass. I am thankful for our gardener whose constant raking and sweeping keep the petals from smothering the grass that is still brittle from the summer!

Nature is full of surprises! We normally let a large part of our grass go dormant in the dry season knowing that it can withstand those long hot days when rainfall is still a faint memory. Our lawns became grand and green quickly last week. The unusually heavy and early rain coaxed new grass growth inviting outdoor activity and reminding us to make sure that the lawnmowers are properly tuned up for their seasonal employment!  

I took our dog for a walk this morning. She was curious about a particular zone and since I was in no great hurry to go back indoors, I concentrated my attention on a small area of grass also. I distinguished several types of leaves in differing stages of decomposition and spotted a trail of leaf-cutter ants transporting items more than twice their size. I accidentally stepped on ant hill that ended our walk immediately as I felt the first of two painful stings. That’s part of Nature too!

We recently celebrated Earth Day worldwide. I have been reading literature that focuses on Nature. There are amazing authors who create incredible nature tales that range from fables to novels. These writers love and understand our connection with the natural world and seek to educate and entertain us with their stories. The break from commuting on highways to the skyscrapers for work that Covid-19 has imposed has allowed us to see how hungry we were to rediscover Nature. This positive outcome during a difficult global upheaval needs to continue when we are finally on the other side, which we will be.

Have a lovely Sunday and a great week, Marietta

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