Global Wellness Day

Dear Friends,

My husband opened the blinds very early this morning. There was no view. It was quiet and peaceful. A heavy fog blanketed the window. I couldn’t recall ever noticing such low gray clouds. Though I could not see them, I knew that the gently sloping hills in the horizon and the gorgeous colors of the season were behind the fog. For that moment, I rested and received Nature’s unusual greeting. The sun would soon rise, heating the ground, raising the temperature and providing me with a clear view of the palm trees outside the window.

Yesterday was Global Wellness Day. I did not realize it until this morning as I was catching up on yesterday’s news! The focus of the day was to devote an entire 24-hour period taking small steps to help us live lighter, better, smarter. Although I was not aware that it was Wellness day, I spent part of my morning in a quiet place surrounded by calming music on a massage table, under the care of my massage therapist whose expertise works on the stress and tension. A sense of detachment comes over me during these sessions. I am able to quiet my mind and allow my thoughts to pass without reacting. It is very healing.

The theme of Wellness Day was that “one day can change your whole life”. The suggestions were plentiful with safely-distanced programmed events. Smiles behind masks were visible. Joy at the ability to do yoga poses, dance, stretch and laugh as we become better versions of ourselves was evident in the pictures posted on social media by participants. Engaging in playfulness for its power to help us on our wellness journey was encouraged. Spending time with those who bring out the best in us cannot be overlooked.

Global Wellness Day was a day to pause, to breathe, to think deeply to begin a habit of carving out a
view of life that includes moments of kindness, rest and relaxation every day. Practicing self-care can help us sleep better, stay healthy mentally and allow us to find inspiration and self-motivation. The day came to an end but the small steps like walking, enjoying a nice meal and taking the time to admire the beauty of Nature in order to live a more balanced life, are within our power to embrace every day. 

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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