Greetings From New Orleans

Dear Friends, Greetings on a Sunday morning from New Orleans where I have been spending the last several days. It has been a wonderful trip.  The flight was uneventful. I was relieved to see that everyone around me was more eager to travel safely than to question the need for masks, distancing and QR codes. Despite … Continue reading Greetings From New Orleans

Toxic Positivity

Dear Friends, I was greeted by a beautiful morning early today. Three small swallows were gliding effortlessly close to me in search of their breakfast. They never cease to delight me as I welcome my day in the right direction. I stood on the terrace for a long time, absorbing the soundtrack other birds provided, fully … Continue reading Toxic Positivity

The First Traffic Light in Atenas

Dear Friends, It's a pretty hot morning in Atenas. The sun is bright and the birds are taking turns sharing their tunes. I feel the warmth on my shoulders and in my heart. I am grateful to greet all of you and have another chance to live a good day. Despite Covid-19 fatigue, I see many signs … Continue reading The First Traffic Light in Atenas