An Interesting Outing

Dear Friends, The winds are strong this morning but despite that I urge you to get outside for a few minutes today. As I stretched my body in gratitude earlier, my eyes rested on a tiny hummingbird hovering around a small red flower in the near distance. The sun's rays were strong on my shoulders, … Continue reading An Interesting Outing

Serene and Replenished by Mountains

Dear Friends, My eyes glance at the overlapping mountains directly in front of where I am sitting. There is a slight chill in the air, not enough to put on a sweater, but just enough to make the bamboo dance and the dust settle on the rustic table on the terrace. My gaze travels indoors … Continue reading Serene and Replenished by Mountains

The Constant Cycle of the Seasons

Dear Friends, Here we are again, on another Happy Sunday. At this moment I am grateful even for my neighbor who has chosen this very moment to begin trimming his lovely hibiscus privacy hedge with a loud weed wacker! It is almost 10, probably his only chance to take care of this chore before the day … Continue reading The Constant Cycle of the Seasons

Possibilities Instead of Resolutions

Dear Friends, I stood on my terrace earlier gathering my thoughts for today's message. It is with great positivity that I look forward to continuing our journey in 2022. I send you and your loved ones my best wishes for strength on resuming your routines. We are now entering our third year of weathering the … Continue reading Possibilities Instead of Resolutions