Return to Classes

Dear Friends,

The wind is howling and the trees are swaying powerfully. The birds must be taking refuge nearby because I hear and see none. This predictable seasonal event brings dust and chaos to my terrace yet life is good. I am healthy. I can breathe in fresh air as I look forward to living a splendid Sunday. Sundays are about rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. They begin my week and I know I can set the tone if I discipline myself to make the best of the time I am given. Get out early today and enjoy a bit of Nature.

Costa Rica’s schools returned to face-to-face instruction last week after two years of interruption caused by the pandemic. I admit I am relieved not to have school children at home because even without the negative effects of the pandemic, the educational system we once were so proud of has been deteriorating steadily for years. I used to be able to assume certain things when meeting young students: that they could add, read and comprehend, apply critical thinking when faced with everyday problems, etc. Sadly, nothing can be taken for granted anymore and this is very worrisome.

On April 3rd, Costa Ricans will once again head to the polls to make our selection for President of our tiny paradise. It is a challenge for me to be objective because the choices are not ideal. Each candidate has a complicated history. Both candidates are busy spending money on ads, commercials and billboards promising to deliver what we need but actually presenting platforms that come up short. It is exhausting and I don’t blame people who say they will likely skip this voting opportunity. I will vote. I simply can’t stand on the sidelines regardless of how dismal things appear today.

I was very busy Friday morning but I needed to run some errands. By the time I was in the center, it was noon. In this lovely, quiet, rural town, most shops close at noon and reopen an hour or two later. I often forget this reality until I find myself looking at something I needed to buy behind a locked door. I felt like a voyager discovering a known fact in Atenas: the heat of the day requires rest; plan accordingly! I walked to the marketplace in time to see school children walking to their bus stops, ready to begin the weekend after what must have seemed an eternal morning of classes. I smiled and silently wished them the very best as they begin their school year.

Have a lovely Sunday and an even better week, Marietta

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