Doing Good Without Fanfare

Dear Friends,

There is a gentle warm breeze this morning. The air is transporting the sounds of neighborhood melodies that originate from the many birds that enjoy the sweet serenity present in our tranquil spot. Absent are the sounds of lawn mowers or loud vehicles that sometimes invade our space on Sunday mornings. For this I am grateful as I breathe deeply and stretch my body. I advise us all to get out early today just in case the rains make their way to wherever life finds us on this day.

After many weeks of steady rain, we are luxuriating in lush surroundings that make me wish I could paint. Although some days have been very cloudy, I can still envision the volcanoes in the background that provide a charming introduction to newcomers to our country and town. Nature’s ability to quickly transform the landscape continues to surprise me year after year. I spent a long time watching the myriads of butterflies that crowded all over the porter weeks (stachytarpheta jamaicensis)nearby. It was a relaxing activity.

Tomorrow begins a new week that will surely pass as quickly as every week this year seems to be doing. I learned yesterday that our local park will again be partially closed due to work beginning on the children’s playground. The U.S. Embassy has offered financial assistance and hopefully the changes will not take too long to be enjoyed. Recognition must be given to the people in the community who have worked on the “pro-park” committee responsible for securing this generous donation.

As I conclude my missive today, I appreciate everything that I see. I know that life is complicated and hard for too many right now. We have to face the fact that a difficult road is still ahead on many fronts, but a concrete reality like the work of the community to rebuild the recently-destroyed (by fire) home of a neighbor is an event that inspires me. It invites me to continue to seek examples of how others react to challenges with optimism and resilience. I am amazed to see all the people who do so much good day after day, without fanfare.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

2 thoughts on “Doing Good Without Fanfare

  1. Thank you Marietta for encouraging us to make a better world out of one that is already pura vida! ☺

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