An Afternoon of Reflection

Dear Friends,

Warm greetings on this renewal Sunday morning. I have lots of energy today and Nature speaks to me with colors and sounds that accompany me from all corners. It is inviting me to breathe in the air’s goodness and move in appreciation for everything that is in my life right now. Get out and enjoy your own surroundings, listening closely to what they have to share. Let’s try to live a good and harmonious day, contributing the best of ourselves to those around us.

Living in a small town presents many serendipitous opportunities to slow our pace. I have become aware of visitors who are enthralled by the beauty of our neighborhood, something I admit to taking for granted because it is always present for me. I fell in love with our landscape years ago when we first entertained hopes of making our home here. Years have passed and it is only when others comment on the butterflies flying around or when I look at an old picture that I see the concrete results of all our plantings.

I enjoyed a lovely afternoon yesterday attending the semi-annual meeting at the Hogar de Ancianos. I admit that sitting in the audience is quite an entertaining difference. Instead of the stress of delivering the reports to an assembly, I was a part of the group listening and making mental notes of the spectacular job the board and staff continue to do on behalf of the senior citizens in their care. Despite the challenges the past years have presented, the Hogar continues to be a benchmark for similar institutions.

After the assembly we had refreshments (following all Covid protocols). I was eager to greet the many people I have not seen for at least six months. Our collective and authentic attachment was palpable. We all admitted to feeling frustrated about the constraints still imposed on us due to ongoing threat of infections but also acknowledge that these last two years have made us realize the importance of relationship, collaboration and solidarity. These are positive outcomes that have surely strengthened our bonds with each other.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta


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