A More Compassionate View

Dear Friends, What a beautiful morning! As we head into November (my favorite month), I take a few moments to behold the gifts that surround me while I walk, stretch and appreciate Nature's changes. The flowers of the sugar cane across the field grow fainter year after year as housing development in the area increases … Continue reading A More Compassionate View

A Feeling of Belonging

Dear Friends, I woke up early this morning and immediately sensed that the rainy weather will still be with us today despite the sunny greeting. National and local experts predict rain for this afternoon, perhaps heavy in some areas so caution is being recommended as we go about our day. Breathe deeply and take in … Continue reading A Feeling of Belonging

World Mental Health Day 2022

Dear Friends, It is drizzling lightly as I begin my letter today. The beautiful setting that surrounds me includes the dance of the hummingbirds as they travel from flower to flower devouring the energizing nectar that fuels their day. In my early walk, I caught sight of the drooping leaves on plants I have neglected … Continue reading World Mental Health Day 2022

Connections That Bring Light to our Lives

Dear Friends, Another renewal Sunday greets me today. It is gray and cloudy. The air has a definite chill. The forecast for rain today is about 51% but that will not keep me from getting outside and touching some grass. The sun is still there even if I cannot feel it on my shoulders as … Continue reading Connections That Bring Light to our Lives