An Early Awakening

Dear Friends, I set the alarm for four o'clock this morning for the sole purpose of watching the Costa Rica/Japan match in this year's World Cup that is taking place in Qatar. I had not originally intended to do so but the words of encouragement I read recently from former Sele coach Jorge Luis Pinto … Continue reading An Early Awakening

Feeling Grateful

Dear Friends, Lila and I both returned from a very long walk slowly and in search of cool water to drink. In contrast to other Sundays, today I let Lila take the lead as well as set the pace. She ventured into small clearings on our property that are home to tall trees and many … Continue reading Feeling Grateful

Internal and External Changes

Dear Friends, I spent part of yesterday afternoon absolutely delighted by watching many swallows glide in effortless pursuit of their meal. They fascinate me and are a symbol of freedom, hope and happiness. Their small and spunky bodies complement their hearty spirit and lift my own no matter what is going on in my ever-altering … Continue reading Internal and External Changes

The Joy in Small Things

Dear Friends, The song of life resonated through our neighborhood earlier when Lila and I took a leisurely walk. The dense mass of purple and pink porter weed (stachytarpehta frantzii) that line our wall were hosting a large variety of nectar-seeking hummingbirds and butterflies. This stunning, untamed, thriving, living wall surprised me because I seldom … Continue reading The Joy in Small Things