Exploring Unchartered Territory

Dear Friends, The season's breezes greeted Lila and me this morning as we crunched the dry leaves beneath our feet. My eyes perceived the brown patches in the distance, the bare limbs of the trees near and far, and the green grass our neighbors have because they water it steadily during the year. I am … Continue reading Exploring Unchartered Territory

Atenas and the Hospitality Industry

Dear Friends, Here we are once more on a peaceful Sunday morning that encourages us to rejuvenate and relax. Nature's colors in the distant overlapping mountain range gave me a perfect excuse to pause and take in the beauty during our walk. While I was admiring the view, Lila was busy moving grass around and … Continue reading Atenas and the Hospitality Industry

Jimmy, A Steady Seasonal Friend

Dear Friends, I took a leisurely walk with Lila this morning, a good Sunday habit that I might increase to an additional day during the week when my time permits.  Our stroll was accompanied by the sounds of a neighborhood returning to its pre-pandemic vibrancy: a small plane's engines roaring overhead; the modern band-driven worship … Continue reading Jimmy, A Steady Seasonal Friend