Planting Abundance

Dear friends, Greetings on a gorgeous Sunday morning.  I got out there early, stretching and moving my body with my "pal", Lila. I will spend a lovely day helping with the Bingo activity scheduled at the  Hogar de Ancianos, seeing old friends and making new ones. Since I won't be playing, there is no chance I … Continue reading Planting Abundance

An Unexpected Gift

Dear Friends, The seasonal winds are stronger than I remember. The sudden gusts fling objects in every direction for a few seconds, and then there's an equally sudden lull in the action. Lila and I perambulated cautiously. In her case it was because she found something unexpected to inspect. For me, it was to prevent … Continue reading An Unexpected Gift

The Afternoon Coffee Break

Dear Friends, As I begin to draft my communication today, I am grateful for the chance to engage with you each week. Your feedback indulges my sense of purpose in continuing this regular endeavor that I began in 2008! I have shared many important milestones from my life that have encouraged reflection and replies from a … Continue reading The Afternoon Coffee Break