The Right Tool

Dear Friends, When I woke up this morning I spent a few minutes observing the luster on our laminate floor. Although it is a very temporary reality because the floor will soon show footprints from our daily activities, I find it particularly satisfying to take pride in the work I did yesterday to eliminate the dust … Continue reading The Right Tool

An Objective and a First Step

Dear Friends, The sun was hot this morning when I took Lila out. The humid air was all around us reminding me of the unexpected gift several days ago when we had a short but intense rain that provided temporary relief from the heat. We gazed down the road. I could sense Lila wanted to … Continue reading An Objective and a First Step

Easter, Pesach and Renovation

Dear Friends, Today Easter Sunday is being celebrated. It is also around the middle of the Passover celebrations that commemorate the miracles experienced in the history of the Jewish people. It is a time of renewal, with a focus on spending time with family and friends eating together. Wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, make … Continue reading Easter, Pesach and Renovation