I love Costa Rica.  I love people.  I believe in the power of one person to change things and my passion is convincing people that they are that one.

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  1. Hola Marietta, this is a fan mash note from a calif girl (or old person) who has been in st. Eulalia 6 months. I’m lying in my hammock enjoying the sounds of our birds, doña betty & family returning from iglesia, Skype sounds & geckos, always geckos. I’m spending a bit of time enjoying anticipation the weekend of prayer, dance food & parade.

    You bring this to me every month. Mi Esposo greeted my this morning with tales of Atenas Today, & now I’m gonna get this as well. Here’s the point – I love the open & fearless exploration & resilience you bring to the dailiness of life. I read you & think, wow this woman is so much like me…then I realize that’s it’s your humanness that grabs mine. So thanks for yr contribution to my growing love for this place.


    1. Wow Bonnie,
      You just made my day. I suppose your
      esposo must be Robert?
      I hope you stop by the CATUCA booth next weekend and look for me so we can meet in person.
      Thanks again.

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