Practice Extreme Self-Care

Dear Friends, The day begins quietly. I look out the window and notice the oak-brown grass that covers most of our lawn. My ears pick up the sound of several tiny hummingbirds chirping their song as they quickly fly from one sun-parched flower to another. Even in this heat, Nature provides the nectar that energizes … Continue reading Practice Extreme Self-Care

A New Use for Digital Technologies

Dear Friends, It is a lovely Sunday morning. The air is serene, peaceful. The quiet is interrupted by the intermittent sound of a bird pecking at my window. It disturbs my reverie and demands my attention. I look through the pane and see that the bird is carrying nest-construction material. The pecking is in response … Continue reading A New Use for Digital Technologies

International Women’s Day Celebrations!

Dear Friends, I usually devote a few minutes to sit and contemplate a landscape that draws the muse before I begin writing my message. Today, the warm wind is strong, the trees are swaying with abandon and the coffee-colored patches of grass confirm that we are in the dry season. I am filled with gratitude … Continue reading International Women’s Day Celebrations!

The External Sometimes Contradicts the Internal

Dear Friends, As I sit and watch the trees sway gently, I discipline my breathing and do my best to concentrate on nothing but the beauty of the fluffy clouds in the sky. Life sounds (birds, music, whistles from a soccer coach nearby) interrupt my concentration. I return to my writing place and our pet, … Continue reading The External Sometimes Contradicts the Internal

Persevering Despite Setbacks

Dear Friends, I sit near the open door looking out at the landscape. The morning's still-gentle breeze sways the tall bamboo in our small forest. It is impressive how flexible the bamboo is despite how firmly rooted the trunks are. They are hollow and yet their foundation is solid. They don't fight against the wind, … Continue reading Persevering Despite Setbacks