Preparing For Goodbye

Dear Friends, I hope the sun was shining wherever this first Sunday in June found you. You already know my mantra: get out early, breathe, take in the delightful gifts of Nature and live a good day. Although I remind all of us to do those things, I sometimes forget to stop and smell the … Continue reading Preparing For Goodbye

Abundance and Love

Dear Friends, My default setting when I first wake up in the morning is confidence that the world is an abundant and loving place and that my day will unfold in positive manner. I look out my window and breathe in fresh air. I gaze at the sky and marvel at the colors it presents. … Continue reading Abundance and Love

Easter, Pesach and Renovation

Dear Friends, Today Easter Sunday is being celebrated. It is also around the middle of the Passover celebrations that commemorate the miracles experienced in the history of the Jewish people. It is a time of renewal, with a focus on spending time with family and friends eating together. Wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, make … Continue reading Easter, Pesach and Renovation