A Sunday of Celebrations

Dear Friends, It is a relatively quiet morning today as the familiar neighborhood sounds are muted by the music coming from the radio in my kitchen. The day is unfolding with ease. My eyes are focused on the beauty of the landscape before me. I breathe in gratitude and let the sun warm my shoulders as I … Continue reading A Sunday of Celebrations

Fundraising Campaign

Dear Friends, The breeze brushes past me as I stand on the terrace. While my eyes survey the breathtaking landscape, my ears become aware of an ambulance siren's sound changing as it hastens to its destination. Instead of trying to come up with reasons the ambulance might be speeding by, I breathe deeply. I send some … Continue reading Fundraising Campaign

An Unexpected and Majestic View

Dear Friends, Greetings from Atenas. It is a breezy, sunny Sunday. In the distance, I canhear the songs and calls of birds. Some are longer and more complex whileothers are short, repetitive and remind me that Nature can be immenselygenerous no matter where we find ourselves. There is always something toappreciate and enjoy. Every day … Continue reading An Unexpected and Majestic View

A Shout Out to Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic!

It's a beautiful, if windy, morning that greets me today. I ventured to the terrace and stood on a different spot than I normally do. I was afforded another view, a perspective that allowed me to see bright green areas across the way. A small flock of birds glided with precision in harmony and landed … Continue reading A Shout Out to Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic!