Ireland-like Scenery

Dear Friends, Here we are on another beautiful Sunday with an opportunity to embrace the day, breathing deeply and moving our bodies with gratitude. As I woke this morning, the boisterous singing of birds reminded me that "spring" is coming. The birds are busy looking for good spots in which to build shelter and choosing my … Continue reading Ireland-like Scenery

Hidden Gems in San Jose, CR

Dear Friends, The day began quietly. The stillness in the air was comforting. I paid close attention to the familiar wrens when I glanced through the window at the brown grass surrounding our home. It is almost mid-March. The dry season typically means there is an increase in tourist traffic and that has definitely been the … Continue reading Hidden Gems in San Jose, CR

The Afternoon Coffee Break

Dear Friends, As I begin to draft my communication today, I am grateful for the chance to engage with you each week. Your feedback indulges my sense of purpose in continuing this regular endeavor that I began in 2008! I have shared many important milestones from my life that have encouraged reflection and replies from a … Continue reading The Afternoon Coffee Break

Atenas and the Hospitality Industry

Dear Friends, Here we are once more on a peaceful Sunday morning that encourages us to rejuvenate and relax. Nature's colors in the distant overlapping mountain range gave me a perfect excuse to pause and take in the beauty during our walk. While I was admiring the view, Lila was busy moving grass around and … Continue reading Atenas and the Hospitality Industry