Freeing Some Time

Dear Friends, Strong breezes challenge my efforts to keep counters and surfaces free of dust this morning. I rush to secure the loose notes containing the outline for today's message, grateful for a change for the many peculiar items on the table that right now can serve as paperweights. Complementing the winds, the sun is … Continue reading Freeing Some Time

Walking In My Shoes

Dear Friends, It is a breezy, sunny renewal Sunday. The winds howl through a small opening in the window. I observe the swaying of the tall bamboo in the distance. My thoughts are with all the people worldwide who are suffering extreme weather conditions. I am grateful that I can make a modest financial contribution … Continue reading Walking In My Shoes

An Unexpected and Majestic View

Dear Friends, Greetings from Atenas. It is a breezy, sunny Sunday. In the distance, I canhear the songs and calls of birds. Some are longer and more complex whileothers are short, repetitive and remind me that Nature can be immenselygenerous no matter where we find ourselves. There is always something toappreciate and enjoy. Every day … Continue reading An Unexpected and Majestic View

A Shout Out to Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic!

It's a beautiful, if windy, morning that greets me today. I ventured to the terrace and stood on a different spot than I normally do. I was afforded another view, a perspective that allowed me to see bright green areas across the way. A small flock of birds glided with precision in harmony and landed … Continue reading A Shout Out to Unsung Heroes of the Pandemic!

We Will Celebrate in Person Again

As I begin writing these words today, I am aware that this quiet Sunday isalready the third Sunday of 2021. The time just flies by. Even the presentrestrictions keeping us close to home cannot stop the calendar from moving.I contemplate the landscape showing off its seasonal beauty. The mourningdoves are silent, a lone rooster crows … Continue reading We Will Celebrate in Person Again

Turn Off the News and Nurture a Plant

Dear Friends, I begin writing on this day observing the breezes of the morning as they orchestrate the swaying of the branches on the trees. I watch the odd leaf dance its way gently to the ground. I listen for the almost-imperceptible singing of the birds as they circle around. The reminder is to stretch, move and greet … Continue reading Turn Off the News and Nurture a Plant

Lessons From a Succulent Plant

Dear Friends, Greetings on this lovely, mildly-breezy last Sunday of 2020. Most of us have celebrated the different holidays with small, private gatherings that only included our social bubbles. In doing so, we have acted responsibly and this will hopefully allow us to celebrate more fully next year. Breathe deeply and treat yourself to some … Continue reading Lessons From a Succulent Plant