Lots to Enjoy!

Dear Friends, The gentle breeze reminded me that the transition period in our country has begun. My advice this morning is the same as other Sundays: get out early, move your body in gratitude and let the sun's rays on your skin activate the chemical reactions that help meet our daily Vitamin D requirement. I … Continue reading Lots to Enjoy!

Old Harbour (Puerto Viejo), Limón

Dear Friends, The air outside is gently moving the still-green leaves on the trees. We are welcoming November, my favorite month in this beautiful paradise I call home. It is the month of sugar cane flowers, transitional rains and a reminder that the year is coming to an end. I love the rain and the … Continue reading Old Harbour (Puerto Viejo), Limón

Celebrating Grandparents and More!

Dear Friends, A sunny renewal Sunday morning greets me here in Queens, New York. I can hear the tiny birds chirping happily outside my window. Their song instantly encourages me to focus my attention on the present moment, a short time for quiet reflection and positive intention to live a good day. It is a … Continue reading Celebrating Grandparents and More!