World Tourism Day 2022

Good Morning Friends, This morning I am enjoying a peaceful feeling of well-being and contentment. When I opened my eyes, I could hear sounds coming from the kitchen as the aroma of brewing coffee began to permeate the air. The smell is both energizing and comforting. My heart swells with gratitude for the consistency of … Continue reading World Tourism Day 2022

Seizing the Day

Dear Friends, Contrary to other Sunday mornings, today's sun was obscured by the clouds. Although it is hard to see, I know it is there and will appear in time for me to take a long walk. I can't claim that I enjoy this much rain but I am grateful to be able to stay … Continue reading Seizing the Day

A Day With No Plans is Perfect For Inner Exploration

Dear Friends, It's a beautiful, easy, gentle day I woke up to. The typical August rainy weather has been absent for the last couple of days after causing real problems earlier in the week. I went outdoors and took a long walk with Lila, our 12 1/2 year old dog. She and I are both … Continue reading A Day With No Plans is Perfect For Inner Exploration