Dear Friends, It's a truly beautiful morning. I am on the terrace with the sun's heat on my shoulders. Directly in front of me, I witness the bouncy joy of a small bird as it flits from flower to flower. Its flight pattern invites me to feast on the endless sky that is covered with … Continue reading Dust

An Apple Pie Story

Dear Friends, I am greeting a very quiet morning. There is a gentle breeze brushing past me. The sky is a light-blue canvas filled with puffball-white scattering clouds. My eyes are taking in the vivid shades of green that comprise the juicy grass below that the birds pluck for seeds. On the colorful flowering lantana … Continue reading An Apple Pie Story

Nature Repeats its Story

Dear Friends, The morning is silent. I am becoming accustomed to the stillness that is interrupted only by the intermittent breezes that move the branches on the nearby trees. If I look closely, I can spot the tenacious squirrels expertly leaping from tree to tree. These inquisitive and persistent animals have learned to circumvent obstacles … Continue reading Nature Repeats its Story

Hoping to Bounce Back Soon!

Dear Friends, A very warm, still morning greets me in Atenas today. The atmosphere is convent quiet. Nothing sings. The silence is suddenly ruptured when our neighbor and his dogs walk by for their exercise. Our dog, sensing their presence in "her" territory utters intruder alerts before sighing and returning to her usual place at … Continue reading Hoping to Bounce Back Soon!