Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

Dear Friends, I had a wonderful day yesterday and a very restful sleep. I was naturally able to wake up joyfully this morning. I heard the familiar sounds of Nature and the chorus of happy birds checking in with each other as they began their rounds seeking breakfast. My eyes feasted on the compelling beauty of … Continue reading Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams

Thriving as a Senior Citizen

Dear Friends, It is very quiet and still this morning. As I made my way through the path to my writing place, the sun warmed my shoulders and a soft, cool breeze coaxed movement in the leaves of a nearby tree. My eyes automatically gazed at the dancing leaves and were rewarded with a glimpse of … Continue reading Thriving as a Senior Citizen

Elevating Standards for Self-Expression

Dear Friends, I walked around the yard earlier this morning, feeling the sun on my arms and resting my eyes on the tiny, colorful blooms that exploded overnight in a small patch of weeds that has made its residence between the paving stones along the path. I considered pulling them out but decided to let … Continue reading Elevating Standards for Self-Expression

Celebrating 200 Years of Independence in Costa Rica

Dear Friends, A lovely renewal Sunday greets me. There are no church bells ringing, only the chatter of birds as they vocalize their location across the blue skies. They, like us, are social animals. Unlike us, however, they have not been restricted from travel and continue to enjoy opportunities and venues for socializing by simply … Continue reading Celebrating 200 Years of Independence in Costa Rica

Good Deeds Matter

Dear Friends, On this beautiful rejuvenation Sunday, I find myself listening to the birds, feeling blessed and grateful for another day. The skies are clear right now. It is the perfect weather for the many cyclists who are participating in the Municipality's Recreational MTB event in order to raise awareness of the importance of road safety. … Continue reading Good Deeds Matter