A Reason For Optimism

Dear Friends, I step on the terrace. My eyes rest on the mountains that silently stand in the background. Below me swarms of colorful butterflies flutter joyfully and feast on the lantana flowers rich with nectar. I enjoy watching them as they spread their wings and gather warmth from the morning sun. The lush greenery … Continue reading A Reason For Optimism

Hoping to Bounce Back Soon!

Dear Friends, A very warm, still morning greets me in Atenas today. The atmosphere is convent quiet. Nothing sings. The silence is suddenly ruptured when our neighbor and his dogs walk by for their exercise. Our dog, sensing their presence in "her" territory utters intruder alerts before sighing and returning to her usual place at … Continue reading Hoping to Bounce Back Soon!

Towards Real Change

Dear Friends, It's a quiet, hot morning where I am. The June rains have assured the grass that it's time to revive. The purples and reds in the blooming flowers add to the stained-glass perfection of Nature's canvas. Everything is bursting with color and energy, transformation is in the air. The world-at-large is joining, with … Continue reading Towards Real Change