We Will Get Through This Together

            Dear Friends, It is a bonus to wake up this morning to the sun painting the sky with cumulus clouds. As the warm breeze brushes past my arms, I can hear the croak of a solitary toucan in a tree along with chatter of the yellow belly flycatchers in … Continue reading We Will Get Through This Together

We Will Celebrate in Person Again

As I begin writing these words today, I am aware that this quiet Sunday isalready the third Sunday of 2021. The time just flies by. Even the presentrestrictions keeping us close to home cannot stop the calendar from moving.I contemplate the landscape showing off its seasonal beauty. The mourningdoves are silent, a lone rooster crows … Continue reading We Will Celebrate in Person Again

Turn Off the News and Nurture a Plant

Dear Friends, I begin writing on this day observing the breezes of the morning as they orchestrate the swaying of the branches on the trees. I watch the odd leaf dance its way gently to the ground. I listen for the almost-imperceptible singing of the birds as they circle around. The reminder is to stretch, move and greet … Continue reading Turn Off the News and Nurture a Plant

Lessons From a Succulent Plant

Dear Friends, Greetings on this lovely, mildly-breezy last Sunday of 2020. Most of us have celebrated the different holidays with small, private gatherings that only included our social bubbles. In doing so, we have acted responsibly and this will hopefully allow us to celebrate more fully next year. Breathe deeply and treat yourself to some … Continue reading Lessons From a Succulent Plant

Celebrating Small, Good Things

Dear Friends, Before me lies a lovely landscape. The bright sunlight warms the terrace tiles. I witness the birds flying through the air to capture the insects that serve as their breakfast! I gaze at the hillside, still green from the recent rains that are also replenishing the water table to guarantee the precious liquid through … Continue reading Celebrating Small, Good Things

A Different Thanksgiving Day

Dear Friends, The singing from a local congregation nearby interrupts the stillness of this quiet Sunday morning. Current conditions have generated changes in our social interactions and I must admit that hearing this singing after so many months without it has been largely positive and comforting. For our physical and mental health, we have adopted … Continue reading A Different Thanksgiving Day