Lots to Enjoy!

Dear Friends, The gentle breeze reminded me that the transition period in our country has begun. My advice this morning is the same as other Sundays: get out early, move your body in gratitude and let the sun's rays on your skin activate the chemical reactions that help meet our daily Vitamin D requirement. I … Continue reading Lots to Enjoy!

An Absurd Reality

Dear Friends, The dawn chorus awakened me this morning. Instead of jumping out of bed, I spent some minutes admiring the sturdy wooden beams that adorn our ceiling. Through the window, I beheld the web-like pattern the fluffy white clouds were making against the beautiful blue sky. I breathed deeply, aware that Nature's magic is … Continue reading An Absurd Reality

Celebrating Grandparents and More!

Dear Friends, A sunny renewal Sunday morning greets me here in Queens, New York. I can hear the tiny birds chirping happily outside my window. Their song instantly encourages me to focus my attention on the present moment, a short time for quiet reflection and positive intention to live a good day. It is a … Continue reading Celebrating Grandparents and More!

Authentic and magical rural experience!

Dear Friends, This morning is representative of many August Sunday mornings in Atenas for me. I am fascinated by the songs of several species of birds that I have been observing for the past few years. I am trying to commit their sounds to memory so I can talk about them with other (more serious) … Continue reading Authentic and magical rural experience!