A Sunday of Celebrations

Dear Friends, The birds flying and singing all around me this morning fill my heart with joy. It is a wonderful day. Today is Mother's Day in a lot of places, including the U.S. Here in Costa Rica, today is the inauguration of our 49th president. The optimistic energy is in evidence everywhere with people … Continue reading A Sunday of Celebrations

A Beautiful Inauguration

Dear Friends, A gorgeous morning awoke me. A sense of calm and serenity is all around me. The birds' dawn chorus is varied, loud and lively. I close my eyes and try to identify the species before looking. That has become a recent hobby! Yesterday's strong rains left my terrace sparkling, a benefit I am … Continue reading A Beautiful Inauguration

The Path to Continued Personal Growth

Dear Friends, I am looking at vivid skies with beautiful cloud overlays. It's a great day to meditate, move our bodies gently and gratefully. Although the strong winds are still with us, keeping our counters dusty, I have memories of the lush valleys that will shortly become part of the landscape once again. As the … Continue reading The Path to Continued Personal Growth