Living in incredible times!

Dear Friends, Greetings on a peaceful and sunny Sunday morning.  The day unfolds before me in a quiet and relaxed manner.  I am eager to enlist my wonderful husband's assistance to take down and store the decorations that have graced our home for the last few weeks. It is time to get the new year started in earnest. … Continue reading Living in incredible times!

A New Beginning

Dear Friends, Greetings on this First Sunday of 2014!  I invite you all to beginthis year as you hopefully ended the last one:  in loving gratitudefor all you have and in movement with a view to improving yourhealth.  As I write you these few paragraphs, I can discern the gentlechirps outside my window.  I can also … Continue reading A New Beginning

The last Sunday of 2013!

Dear Friends, On this beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, it is my hope that your holiday season has been unfolding in a relaxing and meaningful manner. It's importantto get outside early today in gentle movement and reflection, grateful for all that we have.  Today is the last Sunday of 2013 and I appreciate your having spent another year of Sundays with me. We had a … Continue reading The last Sunday of 2013!

A Season of Change!

Greetings Friends,On this glorious, sunny Sunday morning, I am grateful for all the wonderful peopleand activities the next few weeks will be bringing to my life.  The sometimes strongDecember breezes have also served to charge our little town with energy, optimism and the general feelings of goodwill.  Get out early and enjoy the Season's Greetingswith all the people … Continue reading A Season of Change!