The celebration continues in Atenas!

Dear Friends, It is a beautiful morning that fills me with added gratitude at being able to greet another day full of promise. Let's all get out early and move in gentle harmony with all that surrounds us. My heart expands with energy and I will try to live a day of serenity while I … Continue reading The celebration continues in Atenas!


Atenas Turns 150!

Dear Friends, The day is just beginning. The scent of fresh coffee is wafting through the house. The clouds glide slowly across the pale blue sky and a slight breeze cools my arms. The tranquility of the morning is interrupted momentarily by a dog's bark and a loudspeaker car making early morning announcements. Get out … Continue reading Atenas Turns 150!

A unexpected and fortuitous meeting

Dear Friends, It is a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. Although the dry season has made our country look more like a desert than a jungle, the magnificent yellow flowers of the cortez amarillo currently in bloom provide a (short) feast for our eyes. I am grateful for all the goodness in my life, not the … Continue reading A unexpected and fortuitous meeting