Be Part of a Solution, Not a Jury

Dear Friends, The day begins like they usually do here in Atenas. The sun is shining, the gentle breeze sways the bamboo and the strength and length of the birds' tuneful presentations encourage me to lift my eyes and watch the clouds move slowly above me. I celebrate Nature, the permanence of its cycles are … Continue reading Be Part of a Solution, Not a Jury

A New Dance, A New Step!

Dear Friends, Like every other Sunday, I am grateful to wake up to a sunny morning that reminds me I enjoy the gifts of my health, my family, my pet, my home and the wonderful network that is my community. In these times that seem uncertain, we are wise to embrace and accept that even … Continue reading A New Dance, A New Step!

Celebrating Grandparents and More!

Dear Friends, A sunny renewal Sunday morning greets me here in Queens, New York. I can hear the tiny birds chirping happily outside my window. Their song instantly encourages me to focus my attention on the present moment, a short time for quiet reflection and positive intention to live a good day. It is a … Continue reading Celebrating Grandparents and More!