Remembering the Moms

Dear Friends, The sun is hot on my shoulders. The energy of the birds flying and singing above fills me with optimism. I am gratefully aware of my good health and the ability to make new and wonderful memories on this day, despite all the limits placed on us again. Mother Nature's ever-changing gifts inspire … Continue reading Remembering the Moms

We Are All Connected!

Dear Friends, I took an earlier than usual morning walk today. The neighborhood was uncharacteristically quiet. I was wearing sandals. The magical dew on the grass energized my steps and I reached my destination quickly. I noticed some debris on the porch and looked around for the broom I knew I had stored nearby. I realized … Continue reading We Are All Connected!

Lessons From a Succulent Plant

Dear Friends, Greetings on this lovely, mildly-breezy last Sunday of 2020. Most of us have celebrated the different holidays with small, private gatherings that only included our social bubbles. In doing so, we have acted responsibly and this will hopefully allow us to celebrate more fully next year. Breathe deeply and treat yourself to some … Continue reading Lessons From a Succulent Plant