Celebrating Love and Friendship

            Dear Friends, It is a quiet Sunday morning on the day in which we celebrate love and friendship worldwide. As I look around I appreciate the fact that the winds are absent in this moment allowing me to rest from what is a constant encounter with dust on every … Continue reading Celebrating Love and Friendship

Annual Traditions

Dear Friends, The morning that greets me is cool and breezy. From where I sit, I can see a variety of trees, their branches swaying to the rhythm of the music that is coming from the nearby church. From what I can hear, the service is live.The pastor's message is confidently directing the congregation to … Continue reading Annual Traditions

A Different Thanksgiving Day

Dear Friends, The singing from a local congregation nearby interrupts the stillness of this quiet Sunday morning. Current conditions have generated changes in our social interactions and I must admit that hearing this singing after so many months without it has been largely positive and comforting. For our physical and mental health, we have adopted … Continue reading A Different Thanksgiving Day