A Mini Vacation!

Dear Friends, There is a strong warm wind passing through the terrace right now that movesthe bamboo in the distance. The sky is bird-less at present though I can hear thetireless singing coming from some hidden branches. I am delighted and gratefulto discern these sounds. I am aware that my surroundings are exceptional and Ibask … Continue reading A Mini Vacation!

Mid-November Thoughts

Dear Friends, I greet you on this Sunday from a mildly-chilly Atenas. Despite that, the sun is out, the birds are singing and I feel blessed to be able to live another day. In these Covid-19 times, when we might feel exhausted and confused, it isĀ important to express gratitude for all of Nature's gifts. If … Continue reading Mid-November Thoughts

Gratitude in Large Quantities

Dear Friends, A gorgeous morning greets me! This Sunday's air is cool, refreshing, and invigorating. As the seasons change, excitement builds for me whether I am in sunny Costa Rica anticipating "summer" or experiencing the magnificent fall foliage that my friends and family share through their pictures on social media. Get out early today, stretching … Continue reading Gratitude in Large Quantities