Nature’s Force

Dear Friends, The day begins quietly with the sun shining brightly. I breathe deeply and immediately perceive the intense aroma of the jasmine and plumeria flowers that creates a comforting atmosphere as I make my way onto the terrace. My eyes gaze at the tiny, beautiful white blossoms that have fallen and carpet the grass. I … Continue reading Nature’s Force

Never Numb and Oblivious to Nature!

            Dear Friends, The sun came up early for me this morning! By the time you are reading, I am hopefully easily strolling the paved walkway to the viewing area of the crater of the Poas Volcano that I am visiting today. It is almost one year ago that serious … Continue reading Never Numb and Oblivious to Nature!

Nature Repeats its Story

Dear Friends, The morning is silent. I am becoming accustomed to the stillness that is interrupted only by the intermittent breezes that move the branches on the nearby trees. If I look closely, I can spot the tenacious squirrels expertly leaping from tree to tree. These inquisitive and persistent animals have learned to circumvent obstacles … Continue reading Nature Repeats its Story

A New Use for Digital Technologies

Dear Friends, It is a lovely Sunday morning. The air is serene, peaceful. The quiet is interrupted by the intermittent sound of a bird pecking at my window. It disturbs my reverie and demands my attention. I look through the pane and see that the bird is carrying nest-construction material. The pecking is in response … Continue reading A New Use for Digital Technologies

Persevering Despite Setbacks

Dear Friends, I sit near the open door looking out at the landscape. The morning's still-gentle breeze sways the tall bamboo in our small forest. It is impressive how flexible the bamboo is despite how firmly rooted the trunks are. They are hollow and yet their foundation is solid. They don't fight against the wind, … Continue reading Persevering Despite Setbacks