Freeing Some Time

Dear Friends, Strong breezes challenge my efforts to keep counters and surfaces free of dust this morning. I rush to secure the loose notes containing the outline for today's message, grateful for a change for the many peculiar items on the table that right now can serve as paperweights. Complementing the winds, the sun is … Continue reading Freeing Some Time

Persevering Despite Setbacks

Dear Friends, I sit near the open door looking out at the landscape. The morning's still-gentle breeze sways the tall bamboo in our small forest. It is impressive how flexible the bamboo is despite how firmly rooted the trunks are. They are hollow and yet their foundation is solid. They don't fight against the wind, … Continue reading Persevering Despite Setbacks

Authentic and magical rural experience!

Dear Friends, This morning is representative of many August Sunday mornings in Atenas for me. I am fascinated by the songs of several species of birds that I have been observing for the past few years. I am trying to commit their sounds to memory so I can talk about them with other (more serious) … Continue reading Authentic and magical rural experience!