A Different Angle


Dear Friends,

It is a little cloudy this morning, not unusual for this time of the year, and I hope we
get some very needed rain today, but not until after we have had an opportunity to
get outside to enjoy the rest from weekday obligations and Saturday shopping with
gratitude and gentle movement. Atenas celebrated its 147th birthday on Friday
and there will be activities today in the Central Park of Atenas until 1 p.m.

Park of AtenasAtenas Central Park

I have developed the habit of carrying around my tiny camera with me everywhere
I go in an effort to record all the recent changes in the center of town. I try to park
my car in a strategic location, although I am the first to admit I end up walking more
than I intended and wish I had purchased that perfect pair of stylish walking shoes
when I spotted them on my travels. It is great exercise though and I enjoy being out
in lovely open spaces where I can catch a glimpse of nature from a different angle.

IMG_4378A view from my home

The shops that line our streets include home decor, bakeries, restaurants, appliances,
jewelry and a variety of clothing, both new and preowned. Along my walks through
these streets, I encounter friends and acquaintances with whom I might exchange a
smile, a simple greeting, or a proper short conversation. The sense of community
and connectedness that I find essential for my well-being is my reward. Most of the
time, I forget to take the pictures I carry the camera around for!

San JoseSan José

It is hard to believe how close Atenas is to our country’s capital city of San José where
my parents reside and where I visit them every week. I enjoy the reassuringly familiar
vistas of the mountains as I approach their home and I know myself blessed to be able
to experience that, especially on sunny days and despite the haphazard residential
areas that are characteristic of it. On my return home, I find that I am less burdened
by worries and negativity and grateful for the stunning visual perspective that helps
clear my mind and allows me to overcome the mental blocks that interrupt progress in
important areas.

I wish you a happy Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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