Return from Cuba

Me and Bici Cuba

Dear friends,

I am back home from Cuba and will be reflecting on my experience there
for some time to come. It is my hope that you all went out and moved your
body in gratitude on this day. Since there is an incredible amount of walking
necessary in Cuba, I am glad that I have been more or less active during the
last few years and was able to do all the things this first visit required of me.

We left Cuba this morning, just hours before President Obama was
scheduled to arrive. I am delighted to see pictures of him and his family
with a background that has become so familiar to me in the last few days.
I will be writing more about my visit to this singular country in the future
but just wanted to let you know that I have returned safely and will be back
to the regular Sunday routine of writing next week!

Best wishes for a great week. The above is a picture of me traveling in
a local transportation vehicle!


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