An Angel on Earth

Good morning Friends,

It is another Sunday for renewal and relaxation. As I contemplate the landscape
I am grateful for another opportunity to live a day of purpose. I decided early in
the day that I will do what I can to entertain positive thoughts and do something
fun and enjoyable that I can recall in the future and enjoy again! Get out early
and stretch in thanks and appreciation for everything blooming on this Earth.

Today is Bastille Day. We celebrate freedom, justice, French culture and cuisine.
It is also the mid-point of the month of July, another month that is passing quickly!
My agenda is filled with events, celebrations and meetings that I admit energize
me but I do need to be more disciplined with myself so that I don’t misplace keys
wallets or reading glasses! My past adventures with lost items seems to be waning
and I hope to continue with that trend.

I attended the funeral mass on Thursday for someone I barely knew. Her passing
hours earlier shocked and saddened me. It instantly reminded me of the continual
losses we need to process as we live our days in this impermanent existence. I felt
an urgent need to pay my last respects, regret that I had not been able to get to know
her better. The church was filled to capacity. The words used by her loved ones to
describe her life confirmed my perception of her despite our slight acquaintance.

My mother often remarked to me that there were angels walking the Earth and that
every once in a while, an angel would touch us when we most needed it. A decade
ago, I was experiencing personal emotional trauma that did not feel then like the
growth-promoting experience it became. This “angel” approached me with words
of solidarity and compassion at just the right moment. Attending her funeral mass
was the very least I could do to acknowledge the clarity and balance she brought
to my life when I needed it most. Rest in Peace, Xinia Marín González.

May we have a wonderful day and terrific week, Marietta

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