International Day of Peace

Dear Friends,

It is a beautiful Sunday here in Atenas. I have been up for several hours
thinking of you and seeking inspirational thoughts to share on this day. My
eyes travel the landscape and watch the flight of several miniature yellow
butterflies attracted to the bushes that line our fence. I am grateful that the
flycatchers are elsewhere so I can enjoy the visual effects of the butterflies’
wings as they enjoy the flowers’ nectars. Get out early today and enjoy the
beautiful gifts of Nature where you find yourself.

I had a very busy week. On Monday I took the bus to San José. I had made
a commitment to pay attention to my surroundings rather than to immerse
myself in a book or to indulge in a nap! I looked out the window as we made
our way through the narrow streets. Our capable driver navigated dangerous
curves expertly and from my vantage point, I noticed many wonderful sights.
I also saw an alarming amount of homeless people, especially as we got close
to our final destination, the Coca-Cola Bus Terminal in San José.

The terminal’s access road was very congested. Our driver informed us that he
would make a turn that led to an alternate entrance. From this perspective, the
view was very different. It reminded me of the modern, refreshed look the ter-
minal had some years ago when efforts were underway to improve an area that
had endless hustle and bustle, street smells and vendors hawking their wares. I
debated whether to take a taxi to my first errand but decided to walk.

Despite my initial trepidation to walk after getting off the bus, it proved to be a
very good idea. I found myself alongside a diverse population, the reflection of
a global reality that challenges us to make connections and build bridges as we
simultaneously seek to preserve the traditions that define and make us proud.
Yesterday we celebrated International Day of Peace in the world. It was a good
time to acknowledge the opportunity to continue to shape the future without
forgetting our responsibility to each other and the world we inhabit.

Have a wonderful Sunday and a terrific week, Marietta

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